Meadow Wildflowers Plugs

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1x plug plant (approx. 2-5cm above ground, 15cm of root structure below ground)

x15 of our wildflower plugs – perfect for making a new meadow. Transform your garden into a wild haven with our Meadow Wildflower plugs. Bursting with colour, these vibrant natives are a breeze to cultivate, adding beauty and biodiversity to your outdoor space effortlessly!


Botanical Information: Meadow Wildflowers

Our Meadow Wildflowers plugs bring the magic of nature to your garden. This product is a selection of the wildflowers listed below, available for a general meadow:


Create a thriving mini-meadow in your backyard with these wildflower plugs. Most species in this mix prefer sunny spots, mimicking their natural habitats. Meadows, grasslands, and sunny edges are where these wildflowers shine. The plugs are adaptable to various soil types, making them suitable for a range of garden environments.

Benefits to Wildlife

Invite nature’s guests into your outdoor sanctuary. Meadow Wildflower plugs act as a haven for pollinators like bees and butterflies, ensuring your garden is abuzz with life. The diverse array of plants provides food and shelter for insects, fostering a balanced ecosystem. Watching butterflies flutter and bees dance from flower to flower adds a touch of enchantment to your outdoor space.

Conservation Status in the UK

Rest easy knowing your garden contributes to conservation. The wildflowers in our Meadow Wildflower plugs are common and widespread species in the UK. By cultivating these native plants, you’re helping maintain the biodiversity of these familiar and cherished species.

Ease of Growing

Gardening doesn’t get simpler than this. Our Meadow Wildflower plugs are designed for easy cultivation, even for beginners. With minimal maintenance, you’ll witness your garden transform into a colourful tapestry. Plant the plugs in well-drained soil, water regularly during dry spells, and let nature take its course. It’s a fuss-free way to create a vibrant, wildlife-friendly garden.

In conclusion, our Meadow Wildflower plugs offer an accessible and delightful way to bring the beauty of the wild into your garden. From the mesmerizing blossoms to the ecological benefits, these plugs promise a hassle-free gardening experience while making a positive impact on the environment. Enjoy the wonders of nature right at your doorstep!

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Available on back-order