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Benefits to businesses in working with us


Reduced maintenance

Increased employee productivity

Positive PR


Employee positivity & team cohesion

Employee health benefits

Educational experiences


Biodiversity increase

Carbon capture

Flood regulation and drainage

Air quality

Working with corporate sites

Aberdeen is the land of corporate sites. More than 1500 companies spread over 34 industrial hubs cover a large and highly used area in Aberdeen. In most cases these centers for productivity have expensively maintained, undervalued sites. The Habitat People successfully advise the management of these sites for biodiversity increase, cost saving on maintenance and beautiful visuals. This provides a myriad of benefits for companies, employees and the environment. Working with us is a great way to get more by using our land management and ecological expertise and spending less.

Prime Four is our flag ship corporate client, a business park located in Kingswells, Aberdeen. The Habitat People advise management to integrate nature and biodiversity  with the site. From swifts to wildflowers meadows and beetles, we are working with the fantastic management team to provide a truly unique opportunity for nature and the business parks occupants. We are currently advising on 8 hectares of the park.

What are the benefits?

Introducing any size of carefully designed nature back into a site presents strong financial, social and environmental advantages. Maintenance costs can dramatically decrease by altering land to be regulated by species that live on it. Employees have a better space to work and spend their breaks increasing positivity and productivity in the workplace. Moreover, the large areas of high-quality habitat can be home to rare and declining species, whilst providing ecosystem services like carbon capture, water drainage and pollination.


The combined experience and expertise of The Habitat People covers all types of habitat creation. Through our unique position of working with businesses from Inverurie to Aberdeen, we have innovated new ways of managing spaces and aligned our goals with our clients. This allows us to confidently advise, manage and undertake work on any potential site in Aberdeenshire. We believe there is a lot to be gained on all business areas in Aberdeen great or small, adjacent to countryside or not.

Woodland and hedges

These can be the veins of an ecosystem whilst reducing wind, attenuating noise and marking perimeters. Providing important and calculable carbon these woody plants can provide great services. The Habitat People has the forestry experience in designing resilient and productive woodland, having created the management plan that won “Farm woodland of the year 2021” from Scottish Woodlands LTD. We know how to avoid storm damage.

Grass Areas

Usually large and costly space to maintain (lawn), requiring vision, experience and expertise to transform. A meadow (wet, dry, shaded) can provide important carbon capture services and reduce regular costly maintenance to bi-annual cuts, or even none at all. These habitats are important for popular animals such as pollinators and iconic bird species, of concern to the public and employees. Also, creating exceptionally beautiful green amenity space, capable of flowering from early spring to late autumn.


Excess water, surges of water and wet areas can be turned to assets using nature-based solutions. Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs) are a nature-based solution to drainage water running off hard infrastructure or used to drain wet fields. They form biodiverse ecosystems, which cleanse and soak up water to avoid flooding. Suds can be indistinguishable from ponds and form a beautiful landscape of self-regulating native plants and wildlife. Perfect for a lunch break on a sunny day.

Carbon insetting for corporate sites

Insetting is when the carbon capture and storage is performed within a company or individuals own value chain. It can be a cost effective way to reduce your carbon footprint, and increase the worth of your value chain.

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