Blackhills Nature Reserve

A beautiful new space for both nature and people, learn more about our exciting project below!

The focus of Blackhills



We want to be able to give the lovely people of Peterhead an amazing wild space that they can enjoy without needing to leave the local area



Restoring the natural world is the reason we exist, and this wonderful space is at the heart of our mission to save the natural world.



To help fight the climate crisis, we need to create as much carbon dioxide storing, high quality habitat as we can!

About Blackhills

The 49 acre reserve at Blackhills, immediately west of the town of Peterhead is a large, varied habitat reserve with a range of woodlands, meadows and grasslands. Taken over by us in mid-2022, the existing habitat on site was extremely low quality. he existing habitat is of extremely low quality, with the exception of an area of approximately 1 acre of grassland. The work on site will start focussed on the grasslands at the northern end of the site, working our way down to improving the woodlands in 2024.

Blackhills is home to a range of wildlife, but it could be home to much more. The plan here, is to be able to turn the low quality land currently on site into somewhere teeming with life. Creating wetlands, introducing hundreds of thousands of plants and carefully monitoring the wildlife that is being restored back to this potential filled reserve.

Why visit Blackhills?

As you enter the reserve, tranquility envelops you, accompanied by the sweet melodies of birdsong and the rustle of leaves in the wind. Blackhills, once sparse, is now a testament to the community’s commitment to restoring its natural beauty.

Embark on a journey through rejuvenating woodlands where native trees create a lush canopy overhead. The air is fragrant with the earthy scent of revitalized soil, and sunlight filters through the branches, illuminating the path ahead.

Venture further to witness the meticulous restoration of wetlands, creating vital habitats for amphibians, waterfowl, and aquatic creatures. The gentle babble of streams intermingles with the harmonious symphony of nature, offering a glimpse into a thriving ecosystem.

The wildflower meadows, once neglected, are soon to be a riot of colors, attracting butterflies and bees, essential pollinators crucial to the renewal of life within the reserve.

Blackhills largely owes its transformation to the community’s spirit. Local volunteers, school groups, and nature enthusiasts come together to plant, nurture, and protect the diverse flora and fauna. This collective effort creates a sense of ownership and pride among the people of Peterhead.

The future of Blackhills is one of boundless potential and hope. With each passing day, the landscapes become a living testament to the resilience of nature when given a helping hand. Blackhills Nature Reserve stands not just as a testament to restoration but as a symbol of the enduring harmony between humanity and the natural world.

community favorites

A grassland meadow with trees on the horizon

Circuit Loop

Why not come for a visit and walk around the site? It's great exercise,

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Tranquil wildlife

As we restore more and more of the reserve, the amount of wildlife is only going to flourish - come and watch Blackhills rejuvinate over the coming years.

Scottish wildflower shop

Interested in helping out?

Why not come and join in with our amazing community group? We regularly meet every other Saturday to work on the reserve and get stuck in!

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