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From Wildlife Gardening Services to whole farm restoration, The Habitat People are a well rounded team, offering a broad range of conservation services.

Wildlife Gardening Services for a modern world.

To fit all spaces, all needs and all intrigues!
Our Solutions

Biodiversity Building Blocks

Ponds and streams can bring a whole new habitat to your space. They will be rapidly colonised by numerous water species such as dragonflies, stickleback fish and frogs, provide additional drinking for local mammals and bathing for birds.

A pond created by our wildlife gardening services

Seeing a pine marten or red squirrel in your own space never gets old. Woodlands provide essential shelter and should be teaming with life and wildlife sounds. If yours isn't or you have always dreamt of having one let us know!

A wildflower meadow created through our wildlife gardening services

A good meadow is a fantastic tool for carbon sequestration and is some of the rarest habitat in the UK. From early spring to late autumn it will be bursting with colour, and wildlife.

A hawthorn hedgerow that was put up by our wildlife gardening services

Hedges are so important for connecting habitats, providing shelter. They can also offer wildlife and you a bite to eat! If you are interested in our harvestable hedges, get in touch.

Often a habitat can be great in every respect other than nesting opportunity. Creating these spaces is an expert task. Nesting wildlife provide some of the most exciting and intimate wildlife encounters.

A sleepy tawny owl sitting in a nest box put up by our wildlife gardening services

Diversity is the goal and the solution to making ecosystems more resilient to the increasing pressures. We always find a way of enhancing our clients spaces with all natural solutions.

A hedgehog admiring the hard work we are doing from our wildlife gardening services

Wildlife Gardening Services

Your garden can be a beautiful and biodiverse place at the same time. We are very experienced in attracting new wildlife to the garden, you could be see hedgehogs bumbling and frogs bouncing. Ponds, mini meadows, harvestable hedges and hibernation quarters are all within our experience. 

Habitat Creation and Improvement

Woodlands, wetlands, meadows and more. Engineering the best possible habitat is our passion. We are expert on grants and applications, creative with our landscape designs and efficient in our practical work. 

Tree planting from our wildlife gardening services

Need help encouraging wildlife in your area? We Are Experts!