Pond Building Services Aberdeen and Shire

Our pond building services in Aberdeen and the Shire design wonderful water features for you and your wildlife. We strive for low maintenance and high reward by using the water plants and wildlife to regulate and maintain your pond. We have the in depth botanical knowledge and ecological expertise to adapt to any size and location of pond.


We have fitted, designed, improved and constructed a lot of ponds. These range from 2m x 3m garden oases to 10m x 25m mini wetlands, by adapting our methods to the location able to use diggers and heavy machinery or a simple spade. Biodiversity has colonized all of our ponds rapidly, with species such as sticklebacks, tadpoles, dragonflies and more arriving in weeks to months. Because of this, we can design banks for other animals such as badgers, deer and riverine birds to access.

Designing a pond is a tough nut to crack, particularly if you want to create a stable, low maintenance and biodiversity rich ecosystem. Our ponds can require as little as a few hours of maintenance per year, giving you much more time to appreciate the pond! No need to fret about the amassing duck weed or greenish hue. Colonisation of a pond by wildlife is unpredictable. Our team comprises great knowledge of botany, aquatic ecology, water management, landscape design and conservation biology. Because we have the knowledge and experience to make your pond attractive to various groups of wildlife, no matter where. We will make you aware all of your options

A six month old pond of ours

Purple loosestrife

Little Egret

Careful design

Ponds are a lot more than a water filled hole in the ground! Our careful and efficient construction of ponds can add a stunning and landscape refreshing feature to your space. Our methods are completely chemical free and plant fueled. In depth knowledge of plant interactions with wildlife and other plants give us the tools to construct a stable system. We are thorough and will ensure you get what you want and more! our comprehesive services include the pond bank and immediate surrounding. these can be a special and attractive habitat rich in biodiversity and full of beautiful flowers, grasses, sedges and reeds. We build ponds year round. So don’t hesitate to get in touch!

If you already have a pond and it isn’t what you want, we can be your solution. No pond is incorrigible. We are experienced in dealing with:

  • duckweed and algae problems
  • increasing biodiversity
  • murky water
  • water loss
  • invasive species

There is no need for a pond to be a headache, and blemish in your garden. We would be delighted to help you make it a fantastic habitat and visual.

newt and frogbit (a beautiful native pond plant)

David at the North Tillydaff Wetland

Ponds accessories and decoration

We are able to accommodate all additional requirements for ponds to turn them into the water feature you want. 


We can integrate permanent light displays to your pond, and advise lighting plans that will have minimal effect on wildlife. 


Fountains are a great way to oxygenate your water, which is essential for all pondlife. It can make a big difference before and even after oxygenator plants establish. 


We want to make ponds efficiently and effectively to suit your needs, we can innovate and amalgamate these with benefit to wildlife for a thriving new pond!

you asked we answer

No. We design ponds to look after themselves, with minimal risk of greening. Furthermore, we have a variety of inexpensive solutions for duck weed and algal removal if a situation arises. 

Murky ponds are a result of management, pond contents and location. We can prevent this in our design and innovate solutions for existing ponds with this issue. 

This is case dependent due to water input variations, temperature and exposure.  There is biodiversity virtue in a periodically dry pond. The impediment to fish survival can cause a notable advantage to amphibian breeding. 

Ponds can be constructed year round and will always provide a new and important habitat for wildlife. Water is a more stable environment in temperature in winter and summer. Many species rely on water to complete their lifecycles. 

All water in a garden is good water. So, we will accept any size. The fastest way to expand biodiversity in the garden is by introducing water. A whole new range of species can use your space. 

We are digger able and wetland savvy. Our services and experience include wetland formation. The bigger the better it is for wildlife! So please get in touch.

The choice of native, locally adapted, flowering species is vast and colourful. We are great believers in native local species. Our nursery of wildflowers containing native species from locally collected seed, includes many riverine and some aquatic plants. We also have a network of providers offering most species native to the UK.

We don’t usually introduce fish unless requested. Although we would gladly advise species. They will naturally colonise a pond, by eggs sticking to the feet of birds and flooding. Stickleback can be seen as soon as a few weeks later but may take a year to arrive. Some fish presence reduces reproductive success of amphibian so should be considered carefully

We provide trustworthy and reliable services to our clients

David Hunter

Director of The Habitat People

“Ponds are a rare and valuable habitat in our modern urban landscapes”

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