Colt’s-Foot | Tussilago farfara

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1x plug plant (approx. 2-5cm above ground, 15cm of root structure below ground)

Welcome the herald of spring with Colt’s-Foot (Tussilago farfara) from our wildflower nursery! This resilient perennial unveils vibrant yellow blooms atop distinctive hoof-shaped leaves. Adaptable to various habitats, from riverbanks to urban gardens, Colt’s-Foot is a pollinator magnet, supporting bees and butterflies.

Thriving in diverse soils, it’s an easy-to-grow addition for both wild and cultivated landscapes. Embrace the beauty of Colt’s-Foot – order now and witness the early-season charm of this hardy wildflower in your garden!


Botanical Information: Colt’s-Foot

Colt’s-Foot (Tussilago farfara) is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. Known for its distinctive appearance, this early spring bloomer features large, hoof-shaped leaves that emerge after the flowers, which consist of bright yellow, daisy-like heads. With a height ranging from 10 to 30 centimetres, Colt’s-Foot stands out in the early season with its unique foliage and blossoms.


This resilient plant thrives in a variety of habitats, including disturbed areas, riverbanks, and roadsides. Colt’s-Foot shows a preference for damp soils and can be found in both sunlit and shaded locations. Its adaptability allows it to establish itself in diverse environments, from urban spaces to more natural, unmanaged landscapes.

Benefits to Wildlife

Colt’s-Foot offers significant benefits to wildlife, particularly pollinators. The early appearance of its flowers provides a crucial food source for bees and butterflies emerging from winter dormancy. The nectar-rich blooms contribute to the overall health and biodiversity of local ecosystems. Additionally, the plant’s leaves serve as food for certain moth caterpillars, further supporting the interconnected web of life.

Conservation Status in the UK

Colt’s-Foot is not classified as endangered in the United Kingdom and is considered a common and widespread species. Its adaptability to different habitats contributes to its stable presence. While it doesn’t face significant conservation threats, monitoring its populations is essential to ensure its continued role in supporting wildlife and maintaining biodiversity.

Ease of Growing

Gardeners appreciate Colt’s-Foot for its ease of cultivation. This hardy perennial readily spreads through rhizomes, forming colonies that cover open ground. Its ability to thrive in various soil types and moisture conditions makes it suitable for both manicured gardens and more naturalistic settings. Colt’s-Foot’s low-maintenance nature adds to its appeal, making it a suitable choice for gardeners seeking an early-season burst of colour and wildlife support.

In conclusion, Colt’s-Foot (Tussilago farfara) stands as a resilient and beneficial herbaceous plant. From its distinctive leaves to its early-blooming yellow flowers, this perennial contributes to the beauty of landscapes while supporting pollinators and local wildlife. With its adaptability and ease of cultivation, Colt’s-Foot remains a valued addition to both urban and natural environments, heralding the arrival of spring with its unique charm.

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