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Here are some photos of the early stages of habitat restoration. We are a young company so most of our works are in progress or not mature yet.  A full restoration is an endeavor which takes time to reach equilibrium stages. So, don’t waste any time, get started with us soon! 

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What people say?

Working with the habitat people has helped to rejuvenate and revitalize the green space at the business park, providing education and expertise on our wildlife. We now see the park with a fresh pair of eyes and have begun to see the results of their work already!
Prime Four management
We are both in our 90’s and our garden is even older, so what the garden required were respect, new life, and a stake in the future. All these were happily supplied by the Habitat people, who cared for our shrubs and perennials, and with gentle enthusiasm, refocused the garden with a cleverly placed bench, revitalised our meadow and planted many seeds and bulbs to guarantee an exciting Spring.
Aberdeen Native
I engaged The Habitat People at an early stage in a project to ‘re-wild’ a small field. Our initial discussions were very inspiring, David is infectiously enthusiastic and knowledgable, and we agreed an outline plan to create a wildlife pond. This large (9 metres diameter) pond was installed in October and is therefore still developing but it has been a huge success, most recently watching a grey wagtail catching insects around its edges was wonderful. I would recommend The Habitat People unreservedly, thank you David and Matthew for all you have done to improve my local environment for wildlife, and I look forward to more in the year to come.
Aberdeenshire Resident
A dedicated and knowledgeable team of lovely people. They provided not only the hard work to start my garden’s rewilding journey but also much inspiration and enthusiasm. If you are ready to give up the constant lawn mowing and fighting nature with chemicals to little avail and want to rebalance your garden’s ecosystem these are the people that you need.”
Aberdeen Resident

A modest Aberdeen garden

Decades of gravel on plastic sheeting left this garden devoid of wildlife.

We uncovered the earth, planted a meadow and dug two ponds.

Early May, the flowers are ready to bloom and the ponds are being circled by dragonflies.

It’s still early days!