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We have a 100% success rate in increasing garden biodiversity

People care passionately about both their gardens and nature, so, why not mix both!  You may want to dedicate just a corner of your garden or you may wish to re-landscape the whole space. We adapt! Gardens form a large area of North east Scotland, and can become a network of patches for a thriving wild community. Our highly affordable wildlife gardening services can make this a reality. If you want to do your bit for biodiversity, climate change and have an attractive garden at the same time, we can help! 

An insect hotel under a tree where we are doing wildlife gardening

Why wildlife gardening?

No habitat is useless

If you do it right ever space can be useful for wildlife! Gardens are a lifeline to wildlife in winter due to their sheltered nature an they can be important habitat for breeding too.

Climate change

restoring nature is often the best, most suitable way to absorb emissions. We can manage space to sequester significant amounts of carbon whilst also looking spectacular.

Time Saving

We design gardens with the whole ecosystems and their processes in mind. Our designs are low maintenance high reward. Are you sick of mowing?


Mental and physical wellness benefits of connecting with nature and the wild surroundings are not to be underestimated. Plant's don't judge!

Here's how it works

Get in touch with us and we will start by getting to know you , your space and what you want from it.

We let you know the full potential of your space and what time frames we can reach your goals in. 

Blue tits nesting in a nest box where we are doing wildlife gardening

We will agree the conservation actions to be done and get our skilled team working on your space. If maintenance and upkeep are necessary down the line we will look forward to hearing from you.

A new beginning

For inspiration and ideas of what you can do in your space look at the biodiversity building blocks on our services page.