European Goldenrod | Solidago virgaurea

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1x plug plant (approx. 2-5cm above ground, 15cm of root structure below ground)

Illuminate your garden with the golden splendour of European Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea). Standing at 3 feet tall, its slender stems bear vibrant clusters of tiny, golden-yellow flowers, creating a tapestry of warmth and colour. Adaptable and low-maintenance, this perennial treasure seamlessly integrates into diverse habitats, captivating with its botanical allure.


Botanical Information: European Goldenrod

European Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea) stands as a radiant emblem of late-summer landscapes. Belonging to the Asteraceae family, this perennial herb displays elongated clusters of tiny, bright yellow flowers atop sturdy stems, reaching heights of 30 to 60 centimetres. With lance-shaped leaves and a robust presence, it adds a golden flourish to meadows and open woodlands.


Thriving in a diverse range of habitats, European Goldenrod graces meadows, grasslands, and open woodlands across Europe. Adaptable and resilient, it prefers well-drained soils and is often found in full sunlight. This wildflower’s versatility contributes to its widespread distribution, creating vibrant displays in various ecosystems.

Benefits to Wildlife

European Goldenrod is a valuable resource for pollinators, attracting bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects with its nectar-rich blooms. As a late-season bloomer, it provides essential sustenance when other floral resources may be scarce. The abundance of these wildflowers enhances biodiversity, supporting a myriad of insect species and their interconnected roles in the ecosystem.

Conservation Status in the UK

European Goldenrod has a stable population in the UK. Its adaptability and ability to thrive in different environments contribute to its conservation success. While it is not native to the UK, it has become naturalized and is considered a non-invasive addition to the local flora.

Ease of Growing

European Goldenrod is relatively easy to keep, making it a suitable choice for gardeners seeking a burst of late-summer color. It flourishes in well-drained soil and sunlight, requiring minimal maintenance once established. Its robust nature allows it to withstand various soil conditions, making it a resilient and welcome addition to gardens and naturalistic landscapes.

European Goldenrod stands as a golden beauty, contributing to the late-summer tapestry of meadows and woodlands. Its botanical grace, benefits to wildlife, and ease of cultivation make it a cherished wildflower for both natural and cultivated spaces, enhancing the ecological and aesthetic value of outdoor environments.

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