Wild Garlic | Allium ursinum

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1x plug plant (approx. 2-5cm above ground, 15cm of root structure below ground)

Transform your garden with the aromatic charm of Wild Garlic (Allium ursinum) from our wildflower nursery. This fragrant perennial delights with lush green foliage and edible leaves. Easy to grow and a culinary treasure, Wild Garlic adds a touch of nature’s goodness to your outdoor space. Explore our collection, find planting tips, and bring home the enchantment of Wild Garlic. Elevate your garden with this versatile wildflower that’s both visually stunning and a culinary delight. Shop now and embark on a journey of fragrance and flavour in your own green haven!


Botanical Information: Wild Garlic

Let’s start with the basics. Wild Garlic, scientifically known as Allium ursinum, is a herbaceous perennial with vibrant green leaves and star-shaped white flowers. The name “ursinum” refers to its association with bears, who apparently munch on this tasty plant during their forest strolls.


Picture this: shaded woodlands, riverbanks, and damp meadows – that’s where this species feels right at home. It loves moist soil and dappled sunlight, creating a carpet of green goodness in the wild. In your garden, find a shady spot with well-drained soil, and it will happily settle in.

Benefits to Wildlife

Wild Garlic isn’t just a treat for your taste buds; it’s a wildlife haven too. Bees and butterflies adore its nectar-rich flowers, turning your garden into a buzzing hotspot. Plus, the dense foliage provides cover for small creatures. By inviting this plantyou’re not just growing a herb – you’re creating a mini ecosystem.

Conservation Status in the UK

Good news! Wild Garlic isn’t facing any major conservation issues in the UK. It’s a common sight in woodlands, and its abundance contributes to the biodiversity of these natural spaces. By cultivating Wild Garlic, you’re not just enhancing your garden – you’re celebrating a herb that’s doing well in its native habitat.

Ease of Growing

Now, here’s the exciting part – Wild Garlic is a breeze to grow. Perfect for green thumbs of all ages! Here’s how to get started:

  1. Planting: Choose a shaded spot with moist soil.
  2. Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during dry spells.
  3. Maintenance: Once it’s established, it’s is low-maintenance. Harvest leaves for your culinary adventures, and let it thrive.

With these simple steps, you’ll have a flourishing patch of Wild Garlic in your garden. It’s a fantastic herb for those who want a taste of nature in their meals without much effort.

Wild garlic is more than just a herb; it’s a delightful addition to any garden. By understanding its botanical wonders, habitat preferences, and ease of growing, you’re on your way to becoming a garlic expert. So, grab your gardening tools, find a shady spot, and let the aromatic and culinary adventure begin! Happy planting!

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