Sea Campion | Silene uniflora

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1x plug plant (approx. 2-5cm above ground, 15cm of root structure below ground)

Discover the coastal allure of Sea Campion (Silene uniflora). Adorn your garden with this charming perennial, featuring pristine white blooms that dance atop slender stems. Flourishing in well-drained, sandy soils, Sea Campion is a resilient gem, thriving along coastlines and rocky cliffs.

Embrace its easy-going nature and relish the year-round beauty it brings to your seaside haven. Invite the spirit of the shore into your landscape with Sea Campion, a symbol of coastal elegance and a testament to the resilience of nature’s treasures. Transform your garden into a coastal retreat with this captivating wildflower.


Botanical Information: Sea Campion

Sea Campion (Silene uniflora) is a coastal perennial wildflower celebrated for its delicate, solitary white blooms. Characterized by five deeply notched petals, its flowers resemble a small, elegant lantern. The plant boasts slender stems, typically reaching heights of 10 to 30 centimetres, adorned with waxy, silver-green leaves. Blooming from late spring to early autumn, Sea Campion graces coastal landscapes with its enduring charm.


Thriving in coastal habitats, this white flowering wildflower is well-suited for sandy, well-drained soils. This resilient species is often found along rocky cliffs, dunes, and shingle beaches. Its preference for coastal environments reflects its adaptation to salt-laden breezes and the harsh conditions of maritime landscapes. Sea Campion is a symbol of coastal resilience, adorning seaside areas with its grace and beauty.

Benefits to Wildlife

Sea Campion plays a crucial role in supporting coastal ecosystems. Its nectar-rich flowers attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies, contributing to local biodiversity. The plant’s seeds provide a valuable food source for birds, aiding in the ecological balance of coastal regions. By planting this species, you not only enhance your garden’s aesthetic but also contribute to the well-being of local wildlife.

Conservation Status in the UK

Sea Campion is not currently threatened in the UK, being listed as being of Least Concern. However, its presence in coastal areas highlights the need to protect and preserve these unique ecosystems. Coastal habitats face various threats, including habitat loss, climate change, and human impact. By appreciating and cultivating this delightful wildflower, individuals contribute to the conservation awareness necessary to safeguard coastal biodiversity.

Ease of Growing

This species is a low-maintenance and adaptable plant, making it an excellent choice for coastal gardens. Its preference for well-drained soil and tolerance for salty conditions simplify its cultivation. Coastal gardeners can enjoy the ease with which this plant naturalizes, creating a resilient and charming display without demanding extensive care.

In summary, Sea Campion is a coastal delight that brings both aesthetic and ecological benefits. Its botanical elegance, adaptability, and contribution to wildlife make it a valuable addition to gardens seeking a touch of coastal allure. Cultivating Sea Campion reflects a commitment to preserving the unique beauty and biodiversity of coastal ecosystems.

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