Lesser Burdock | Arctium minus

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1x plug plant (approx. 2-5cm above ground, 15cm of root structure below ground)

Embrace the enchanting allure of Lesser Burdock (Arctium minus) at our wildflower nursery. With its heart-shaped leaves and captivating globe-like flower heads, this resilient biennial thrives in diverse habitats. Hardy and adaptable, it adds a touch of nature’s elegance to your garden. Lesser Burdock’s nectar-rich blooms attract pollinators, fostering biodiversity. Easy to grow, it promises a low-maintenance yet visually stunning addition to your landscape. Elevate your garden with the beauty of Lesser Burdock, where wild meets sophistication


Botanical Information: Lesser Burdock

Lesser Burdock (Arctium minus), a fascinating wild plant that’s like a nature explorer in your garden! With its large, heart-shaped leaves and prickly burrs, it’s a standout character in the plant world. Standing at about 1 to 2 meters (3 to 6 feet) tall, it is a bit like having a tall, green friend with a unique personality.


This species is versatile, and you can find it in a range of habitats. From meadows to the edges of woodlands, it loves places with well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight. You might also spot it near roadsides or in disturbed areas. This wild plant is like a free spirit, popping up in unexpected places and adding a touch of wildness to the landscape.

In the wild, you might come across Lesser Burdock creating a sea of green with its large leaves and curious burrs.

Benefits to Wildlife

Lesser Burdock is great for wildlife. Bees absolutely love it! The purple-pink flowers are like a bee paradise, providing them with nectar to sip on. As the bees visit, they collect pollen on their fuzzy bodies, helping other plants make seeds. It’s like the plant throws a pollination party for the garden!

But that’s not all. Birds adore Lesser Burdock too! The seeds inside those prickly burrs are like a little snack for our birds. They munch on them, helping spread the plant to new areas. It’s like Lesser Burdock is playing a part in the circle of life for birds and plants.

Conservation Status in the UK

Guess what? Lesser Burdock is doing pretty well in the United Kingdom! It’s not considered a species of immediate concern. While it might not be the star of conservation efforts, understanding its role in supporting wildlife is crucial. Conservation initiatives often focus on maintaining the health of meadows and woodlands, recognizing that native plants like Lesser Burdock play a part in maintaining the balance of these environments.

By appreciating and protecting these areas, we indirectly contribute to the well-being of Lesser Burdock and the many other living things that call these places home.

Ease of Growing

Now, if you’re thinking about having a bit of Lesser Burdock wildness in your own garden, here’s the best part – it’s super easy to grow! You can start it from plugs in well-drained soil, and it’s not too fussy about sunlight – it can handle both sunny and partially shaded spots. It’s like having a little adventurer in your garden that doesn’t need much fussing over.

This plant is quite hardy. Once it gets going, it’s like having a green friend that stands tall without demanding too much attention. Regular watering and a bit of sunlight, and you’ll have your very own slice of wildness in your garden.

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