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  • Sale! Corn Marigold (Glebionis segetum)

    Corn Marigold | Glebionis segetum

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    Embrace the golden charm of Corn Marigold (Glebionis segetum) from our wildflower nursery! This annual beauty, with its radiant yellow blooms, adds a touch of sunshine to your garden. Flourishing in well-drained soils and bathing in sunlight, it effortlessly brightens meadows and borders. Loved by pollinators, its cheery flowers attract bees and butterflies.

    Easy to plant, Corn Marigold thrives in various environments, bringing a burst of colour to both wild and cultivated landscapes. Elevate your garden with this resilient and visually captivating wildflower – order now and let the warmth of Corn Marigold radiate in your outdoor haven!

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