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    Common Hemp-Nettle | Galeopsis tetrahit

    Original price was: £2.99.Current price is: £1.99.

    Discover the hardy beauty of Common Hemp-Nettle (Galeopsis tetrahit) at our wildflower nursery! This resilient annual, with square stems and charming pink-purple tubular flowers, brings vibrancy to any landscape. Thriving effortlessly in disturbed areas, it effortlessly adapts to various habitats, from roadsides to urban gardens. A favourite among pollinators, it attracts bees and butterflies, adding biodiversity to your space.

    With its self-seeding nature and ease of cultivation, Common Hemp-Nettle is a delightful choice for both wild and cultivated gardens. Elevate your landscape with this visually appealing and ecologically beneficial wildflower – order now and watch it flourish in your outdoor haven!

  • Sale! Common Poppy (Papaver rhoeas)

    Common Poppy | Papaver rhoeas

    Original price was: £2.99.Current price is: £1.99.

    Immerse your garden in the vibrant allure of Common Poppy (Papaver rhoeas). Featuring delicate, crepe-like petals in shades of red with distinctive black centres, this iconic wildflower blooms from late spring to early summer. Thriving in well-drained soils and basking in full sunlight, Common Poppy is an adaptable and resilient beauty suitable for meadows, cottage gardens, and urban landscapes.

    With minimal maintenance demands, this annual gem self-seeds to create a brilliant display, attracting pollinators and adding a touch of nostalgia to your landscape. Embrace the timeless allure of Common Poppy and elevate your garden effortlessly with this symbol of remembrance and naturalistic charm.

  • Sale! Corn Marigold (Glebionis segetum)

    Corn Marigold | Glebionis segetum

    Original price was: £2.99.Current price is: £1.99.

    Embrace the golden charm of Corn Marigold (Glebionis segetum) from our wildflower nursery! This annual beauty, with its radiant yellow blooms, adds a touch of sunshine to your garden. Flourishing in well-drained soils and bathing in sunlight, it effortlessly brightens meadows and borders. Loved by pollinators, its cheery flowers attract bees and butterflies.

    Easy to plant, Corn Marigold thrives in various environments, bringing a burst of colour to both wild and cultivated landscapes. Elevate your garden with this resilient and visually captivating wildflower – order now and let the warmth of Corn Marigold radiate in your outdoor haven!

  • Sale! Cornflower (Centarea cyanus)

    Cornflower | Centaurea cyanus

    Original price was: £2.99.Current price is: £1.99.

    Elevate your garden with the timeless allure of Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) from our wildflower nursery! This enchanting annual, adorned with spiky blue blooms, adds a touch of elegance to any landscape. Thriving in sunny spots with well-drained soils, it effortlessly brightens meadows and borders.

    Loved by pollinators, its nectar-rich flowers attract bees and butterflies, bringing life and colour to your space. Easy to cultivate and low-maintenance, Cornflower is the perfect choice for those seeking a vibrant and visually striking addition to their outdoor haven. Embrace the beauty of Cornflower – order now and let the magic bloom!

  • Sale! Purple Viper's-Bugloss (Echium plantagineum)

    Purple Viper’s-Bugloss | Echium plantagineum

    Original price was: £2.99.Current price is: £1.99.


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    Introducing Purple Viper’s-Bugloss (Echium plantagineum)! A garden superstar, this wild beauty boasts tall spikes adorned with dazzling purple blooms. Thriving in sunny spots and sandy soils, it’s a low-maintenance delight for every gardener. Not just a pretty face, it’s a buzzing hotspot for bees and butterflies, making your garden come alive with nature’s harmony. Easy to grow, even for beginners, Purple Viper’s-Bugloss is the perfect choice for those seeking vibrant hues without the fuss. Elevate your garden with this wildflower charm – shop now and let your outdoor space bloom with the enchanting Purple Viper’s-Bugloss!

  • Sale! Red Deadnettle (Lamium purpureum)

    Red Deadnettle | Lamium purpureum

    Original price was: £2.99.Current price is: £1.99.

    Transform your garden with the enchanting Red Deadnettle, a vibrant wildflower boasting striking reddish-purple leaves and delicate tubular flowers. Known for its adaptability, this resilient plant thrives in various environments, from garden borders to roadside verges. Watch as bees and butterflies flock to its nectar-rich blooms, creating a haven for pollinators. With easy maintenance and minimal care requirements, Red Deadnettle is the perfect choice for both seasoned and budding gardeners. Enhance your outdoor space with this charming wildflower, adding a touch of natural beauty and supporting local biodiversity. Explore the simplicity and elegance of Red Deadnettle – a delightful addition to any garden or green space.

  • Sale! Scarlet Pimpernel (Lysimachia arvensis)

    Scarlet Pimpernel | Lysimachia arvensis

    Original price was: £2.99.Current price is: £1.99.

    Embrace the radiant allure of Scarlet Pimpernel (Lysimachia arvensis) in your garden. This exquisite wildflower boasts vibrant scarlet blossoms that dance in the breeze, creating a tapestry of nature’s elegance. With its low-growing habit and prolific blooms, Scarlet Pimpernel is a charming addition to rock gardens, borders, and meadows. Thriving in sunny locales, this hardy perennial requires minimal care, making it a perfect choice for those seeking both beauty and simplicity. Let Scarlet Pimpernel grace your landscape, inviting the brilliance of the wild into your outdoor sanctuary.

  • Sale! Tufted Vetch | Vicia cracca

    Tufted Vetch | Vicia cracca

    Original price was: £2.99.Current price is: £1.99.

    Transform your garden with Tufted Vetch (Vicia cracca)! Delicate purple blooms adorn this charming wildflower. Easy to grow and versatile, Tufted Vetch brings nature’s elegance to your outdoor haven. Buy now for a touch of beauty in every bloom!

  • Sale! Wood Forget-Me-Not | Myosotis sylvatica

    Wood Forget-Me-Not | Myosotis sylvatica

    Original price was: £2.99.Current price is: £1.99.

    Discover the delicate beauty of Wood Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis sylvatica) at our wildflower nursery. This resilient perennial with charming blue blooms brings a touch of woodland magic to your garden. Easy to grow in various conditions, Wood Forget-Me-Not thrives in sun or shade. Explore our collection, find planting tips, and elevate your outdoor space with the timeless allure of Wood Forget-Me-Not. Perfect for gardeners of all levels, this perennial adds a whimsical touch to gardens, borders, and containers. Shop now and let the timeless charm of Wood Forget-Me-Not grace your green haven!

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