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  • Sale! White Campion | Silene latifolia

    White Campion | Silene latifolia

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    Bring the charm of White Campion (Silene latifolia) to your garden! Our wildflower nursery proudly presents this graceful perennial with elegant white blooms. Easy to grow and adaptable to various settings, White Campion adds a touch of natural sophistication to any outdoor space. Explore our collection, discover simple care tips, and let the beauty of White Campion transform your garden into a haven of tranquility. Shop now and bring home the enchantment of this lovely wildflower, perfect for both beginners and seasoned gardeners alike.

  • Woodland Germander | Teucrium scorodonia

    Woodland Germander | Teucrium scorodonia

    Embrace the enchantment of Woodland Germander (Teucrium scorodonia)! Easy to care for, this delightful wildflower thrives in woodland habitats, bringing nature’s charm to your garden. With its slender spikes of pale lilac blooms, it attracts butterflies and bees, enhancing biodiversity. Woodland Germander’s heart-shaped leaves emit a pleasant scent when crushed, adding to the sensory experience. Perfect for both wildflower meadows and garden borders, it adapts easily to diverse conditions. Elevate your green space with the beauty of Woodland Germander – a graceful choice for a vibrant, nature-inspired landscape. Explore our collection and bring the magic home today!

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