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Aberdeenshire and the North East 

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Rewilding is not about abandoning civilization but about enhancing it. It is to 'love not man the less, but Nature more'.

George Monbiot, author of Feral the top selling book on rewilding Tweet

Why Rewild ?

In the grand scheme, humans having been damaging and overexploiting the Scottish environment for centuries. This activity caused widescale declines in species including extinctions. The ecological systems we fully rely on as species are at risk, and we have no choice but to restore these ecological systems.

On a more personal scale, there is much to be gained, improved and preserved. These range from flood regulation and greater pollination to novel income opportunities such as glamping. 

Rewilding is a progressive conservation approach capable of massively recovering biodiversity and contributing to the local and global net zero carbon targets.

The principle is to let nature repair the damage humans have caused over hundreds of years. Rewilding makes

both financial and ecological sense in todays climate. 

Our end goal for rewilding projects is a self regulating ecosystem assuring all the ecosystem services of the habitat type and providing new opportunities for tourism and outdoor pursuits locally. 

What rewilding could look like on your land?

This is dependent upon the original natural habitat. The time scale depends on the extent of alteration from this previous state. In general, given the right conditions nature will bounce back rapidly. Commonly land is a mosaic of habitats, requiring a comprehensive knowledge and a multi faceted approach to rewilding. 

A challenge we can accomplish

For landowners rewildling will generate positive attention, diversification of land use and income, grow the local economy and increase biodiversity. Landowners will also be doing their bit for climate regulation and climate mitigation. The potential of rewilding to influence the water cycle and reduce flood risk is very important. 

It is a challenging and long term task rewilding an area. Years can be gained by doing it optimally. Ecological expertise, knowledge of grants and project management are all required. 

But don’t let that dissuade you from such a worthwhile endeavor!

Our services in reviving and restoring habitat and deep knowledge of habitat ecology allow you to rewild at top speed towards a prosperous ecosystem. 

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