How to reduce your carbon footprint

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Know where you stand - Carbon Audit

Carbon emissions are the greatest cause of climate change, which is the greatest threat to the natural environment and humans. Carbon calculators are free and relatively accurate way to enhance your business’s knowledge of its own emissions. More in depth carbon auditing services exist and will put a more precise figure on your carbon budget

Remote work or sustainable commuting

Offering remote working is a cost-free way to decrease commuting emissions. Remote scenarios reduce the size of workspaces needed, which reduces office caused emissions and can save money on office floor space.

In many cases remote working isn’t an option. Public transport and active travel greatly reduce commuting emissions compared to personal motorised vehicles. These can be promoted by businesses through schemes to subsidize bicycle purchase, public transport use and simply through education. Having a changing room at the office can remove a significant obstacle to active travel

Take the train not the plane

Businesses that require national and international events and meetings that cannot be replaced by online events can often replace plane journeys with train travel. On average train journeys emit less than a quarter of the emissions of a plane journey without even including additional high-altitude non-CO2 emissions effects. Moreover, work doesn’t need to stop on a train where Wi-Fi and phone signal are unaffected, or a comfortable night can be spent aboard the Caledonian sleeper to London. 

Reduce waste

In the hierarchy of environmental actions reduce is the first and most effective step. It is time to take a fresh look at waste, to understand what the primary sources are and whether they can be altered to reduce or remove waste. This can be as simple as switching to electronic invoices or receipts

Divert waste from landfill

Landfill means the end of the road for any waste. What constitutes waste to our businesses can still have value in other areas. Old tech can be refurbished, food waste can be composted, and furniture can be donated or sold on. This list is enormous, for most items there is an easy and costless solution to avoid landfill.

Use smart control systems

Reducing energy demand is reducing energy cost! A smart systems can control your heating, lights and more. They can be adjusted or programmed to match energy inputs to times of high use and remove

Switch to a green energy provider

A simple and rapid way to move towards sustainability. You might not even need to pick up the phone.

Green web hosting services

Websites are hosted by companies running servers with exorbitant energy demands, the source of this energy is a decisive factor in emissions and sustainability. Web hosts exclusively using green energy and offsetting exist.  Did you know website activity accounts for up to 2% of global emissions?

Work with and consume from green businesses

Favouring partnerships with green businesses is a great way to strengthen sustainable industries. The sustainable business community is a rapidly growing and successful component of local businesses, full of progressive individuals and synergy.

Energy efficient updates

Replacing old technologies and tools with better performing newer models is an equation of efficiency and renewal. As a rule of thumb if an appliance is very old it is less likely to


Packaging should be minimized, and biodegradable or reused options sought, as it is impossible to govern what will happen to packaging once it leaves the workplace. It can be as simple as having a bring your own container policy, and this can be

Get started

Here are some simple ways to start tackling you or your business’s environmental footprint

An essential first step on any journey towards sustainability is the reduction of existing emissions. There are many rapid and cost-effective changes individuals and businesses can make to massively reduce their footprint. The Habitat People are firmly of the belief that businesses and individuals should remove emissions where possible in their processes prior to offsetting. Moreover we believe there is a lot to be gained by making processes sustainable, such as costs saving, public image and employee positivity. We do not endorse a business-as-usual strategy for net zero.

Net Zero in sight

from start to finish

Don’t stop at reducing, be among the few company’s an individuals to truly reach net zero!

  1. Reduce your emissions
  2. Reduce you cost to offset the rest
  3. Be future proof

Companies and individuals differ in their level of impact and climate related challenges, but ultimately all contribute to today’s environmental difficulties. It is high time for all businesses to begin their journey of sustainability. The days of deciding to “go green” are long gone.

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