green Wall and Green Roof services

Our Green wall and green roof services can transform your space. Gardens are becoming smaller and more valuable, making use of every surface makes sense and can look striking. Green roofs and walls make the landscape more attractive for you and wildlife, providing excellent habitat for many bees and other insects, as well as birds and of course plants.

Their benefits do not stop there, they are an attractive solution to:

  • Block views providing seclusions and discretion
  • Reduce noise by attenuating sounds
  • Reach emissions and environmental targets by absorbing carbon and reducing heating and cooling reauirements
  • Resist the elements by adding an envelope of insulation and a soak away for storm water
  • Provide an alternative source of fruit and veg!
For Habitat

Valuable nesting and foraging can be found on roof and wall! This is a lapwing nest. They are great for insects and bats too. 

For Beauty

How much maintenance is required?

Maintenance can be very low. The upkeep of a green wall or roof will entirely depend upon the design and normal weather. It is possible to have a self regulating structure which manages the substrate moisture. Water soluble fertilizers can be used approximately every 6-12 months. Equally there are more hands on systems for smaller green walls which require watering by hand. 

For Food

The options are endless. Simple structures can bare plants such as grape vines and runner beans. Complex structures can remove any need to go to the veg aisle. Roofs can have productive raised bed. 

For absorbing carbon

Ambitious carbon targets mean we must be equally innovative to reach them. Green roofs and walls can be an excellent way to absorb carbon, even trees can be suitable. Furthermore, energy expenditure is brought down by the insulation provided.

For privacy and Sound attenuation

Privacy and peace are the most natural of desires. They can also be hard to come by. Green walls are highly efficient at sound attenuation particularly tanks to the layer of growing medium and dense foliage. They can rise high and provide excellent screens also. 

for additional greenspace

The wellbeing and health virtues of greenspace are well known. We need as much contact with green space as possible. Vertical and rooftop green space can be the perfect solution where there is none or not enough. 

Why choose our service?

Creating green walls and roofs is an expert task requiring a balance of engineering and ecology. Our qualified staff can take on projects ranging in complexity from climbers to living wall systems, and intensive green roofs. The depth of botanical experience we amass allows us to confidently tailor green walls and green roofs to suit any location. Even shady and cold spaces! We care passionately about creating habitat that makes people and wildlife flourish. 

 If you want a green wall of roof, we can help!