Field Ornithology Course

  • One year (four sessions or three days)
  • Learn how to identify 200 species by sight and 100 by ear

Participants will work towards a level 6 Ofsted approved certification in field ornithology.

Suitable for young, graduate and career conservationists to improve field ornithology skills and employability. The course will cover the simple and advanced methodologies for surveying breeding, migrating and overwintering birds.

Course fee

Students: £450
Professionals: £850

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Wildlife Education

Bringing children in contact with nature through enjoyable and educational activities is very beneficial to their mental, emotional and social wellbeing. We aim to create an environment where children can have fun whilst learning about various topics regarding nature and conservation.

Activities will include: making bug hotels and bird feeders to take home,  animal track identification, animal bingo, learning about pollinators and life cycles, and many more.

The curriculum will be offered from when school finishes until 18.00 and is suitable for all primary school ages.

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We aim to connect people with nature through an enhanced educational experience