The additional value of carbon offsetting matters

As a buyer you can choose to maximise the positive effect of your purchase and avoid any harm.

The primary goal of carbon offset scheme should be the substitution of carbon emissions. Schemes should have measures in place to prevent and avoid harmful effects to local area and their communities. Co-benefits are the additional value derived from an offset scheme. These improve the social and environmental outcomes related to carbon offset implementation. For example, biodiversity gain, reducing flood risk and increasing air quality. Co benefits should be designed into processes where possible and cost effective.

As a buyer you can choose to maximise the positive effect of your purchase and avoid any harm. The Habitat People maximise co-benefits for people and wildlife.

“To form reliable and resilient carbon capture areas is to form resilient biodiverse ecosystems.” Matthew Cameron, The Habitat People

Environmental Principles

Our work brings biodiversity gain to all our sites and strengthens local wildlife populations. We focus in particular to remediate the severe plant species declines and save rare species in the North East. As conservationists we are committed to monitoring and maximising the health of our sites, which is reliant on expert knowledge of ecological principles and processes. Furthermore, our sites current support populations of 18 carefully propagated rare species (Nationally Endangered).


An ecosystem is defined by it’s wildlife and the processes and cycles that occur. Our habitat restoration increases and strengthens local ecosystem services. Our sites help regulate flood risk, increase air quality, and prevent soil erosion. It is vital for the security and prosperity of our futures to preserve ecosystem services. The Habitat People are committed to working with landowners to ensure biodiversity gain and ecosystem health is optimal.

Social Principles

A carbon offset plan should have a range of social benefits to the local area. We increase employment in the local area. Our schemes retain wealth and spending in the local economy. Moreover, offsetting improves the local landscape due to the appealing nature of wildflower rich meadows. A more attractive and secure (lower flood risk etc) countryside is a more desirable countryside, with potential for widespread social improvements.

The services provided by our offsetting sites are also cultural. Opportunities for education and outdoor activities arise from high quality green amenity and healthy wildlife populations. Furthermore, there are significant benefits to physical and mental wellbeing gained by increasing access to and visibility of green space. The Habitat People are experienced in maximising the positive effects of carbon offset for the local community, from managing the Prime Four business park site for biodiversity and making hectares worth of high quality habitat in Aberdeen and the shire.

“Our carbon offsetting sites offer brilliant outdoor education opportunities; all habitats should provide such a positive and stimulating environment for children”
Lonieke Horninge, The Habitat People

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