About the company

Put simply, we are a private conservation company that works with people, businesses and organisations to educate, manage land and create high quality habitat the betterment of people, biodiversity and the green economy.

Our director founded the company during the first lockdown of 2020, with the aim of improving biodiversity on a single farm that had expressed interest. Over the past year, The Habitat People has gone from working on one farm, to a limited company assisting in the management of business parks, multiple farms, woodlands and gardens across the North East. Our rapid expansion exemplifies the urgent demand for action on the ongoing mass extinction and climate crisis, and our woodland management, wetland
creation, meadow creation & ‘wildlife improvement reports’ have been very popular.

Our purpose and goal is to arrest the collapse of the natural world, whilst also providing services and solutions to the people who’s land we work on. We are a passionate, experienced and determined team of conservationists who will make an impact on the fates of the species and people we work with for the better, and would relish the opportunity to show you exactly how much good we can do through this project.




David has been involved in conservation and land management for the last seven years, having worked for the RSPB, BTO and a number of ecological consultancies. He has a broad bank of knowledge and experience in improving and managing biodiversity in many scenarios.



Matthew is a passionate conservationist and ecologist, having specialised in urban bird breeding ecology. He is also knowledgeable on Climate action in Scotland and strives to integrate ecology and climate change on land management questions.



Lonieke is experienced in carrying out various ecological surveys and is very passionate about conservation and education. She has worked as assistant warden on Flat Holm island, as habitat mapper for UKCEH and is involved with the University of Aberdeen as a teaching assistant.