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Conservation services in Aberdeenshire and North East Scotland

2022 so far


…of wildflowers are being grown from genetically local stock in our peat free, herbicide and pesticide free wildflower nursery.


…of rare plants and animals recorded on our clients land following Habitat People management. 

1 %
of clients...

…have still seen an improvement to the biodiversity & wildlife present on their land. 

About Us

"The most interesting young business in North East Scotland" Moira

We are a private conservation company that works with people, businesses
and organisations to manage land and create high quality habitat for the
betterment of people, biodiversity, climate and the green economy.

We are the regional experts in:

Low cost site management

Our nature based solutions approach to land management can rapidly reduce maintenance cost and time. Also helping to meet ESG targets and make land attractive. practice at Prime Four business park.

Wildlife Gardening

Bring more nature into your space. We can help you improve or redesign your garden to invite wildlife, whilst maintaining beautiful aesthetics and the functionality of your garden.

Carbon Capture services - right here in the North East

Our nature based offsetting is local and quality assured. You can even visit yourself. We restore wildflower meadow habitat, which sequesters atmospehric carbon (responsible for climate change) at similar rates to forests.

The only place where you’ll get a local solution for all your rewilding, wildlife gardening & carbon storing needs.

Our Services

Whether it’s a garden wildlife pond or a 100 acre woodland, we can help you create the best possible habitat for people, and for wildlife.

We have over 40 species of wildflower for sale. All of them are grown from locally sourced seed, produced in our peat free, zero pesticide, zero herbicide plant nursery. Buy them here!

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Local, traceable and biodiversity friendly carbon offsets. We restore low quality fields into high quality meadow.

Need Help with encouraging biodiversity? We are the experts!