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Conservation services in Aberdeenshire and North East Scotland

2021 so far


…of improved, biodiverse land in Northeast Scotland has been created from our work in 2021.


…of nationally endangered plants and animals have taken up residence on our clients land following Habitat People management in 2021. 

1 %
of clients...

…have seen an improvement to the biodiversity & wildlife present on their land. 

About Us

"The most interesting young business in North East Scotland" Moira

We are a private conservation company that works with people, businesses
and organisations to educate, manage land and create high quality habitat for the
betterment of people, biodiversity and the green economy.

We are the regional experts in:


We can help you to rewild your land to provide for biodiversity, recreate natural processes and  incorporate wildlife into your land to what it once was. Contact us to help you attract any specific species you want to attract – we love a challenge!

Wildlife Gardening

We can help you improve or redesign your garden to provide space for a range of wildlife, whilst maintaining beautiful aesthetics and the functionality of your garden.

Carbon Sequestration - right here in the North East

Through meadow planting, woodland creation and existing woodland protection right here in the North East, we can store carbon in a traceable way that supports our fragile wildlife whilst fighting climate change. 

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your rewilding, wildlife gardening & carbon storing needs.

Our Services

Whether it’s a garden wildlife pond or a 100 acre woodland, we can help you create the best possible habitat for people, and for wildlife.

We have over 40 species of wildflower for sale. All of them are grown from locally sourced seed, produced in our peat free, zero pesticide, zero herbicide plant nursery. Buy them here!

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We sell local, traceable carbon to offset – if you’re taking a long journey or want to reduce your impact why not buy some today? Then come and visit the land you’re protecting!

Need Help with encouraging biodiversity? We are the experts!